No time to shower in the morning?


After Shark Tank, we surveyed our users and learned a lot about the thousands who use Morninghead. We knew about people who showered at night (about 1/3 of Americans), parents with young children, bike commuters with helmet hair, etc. But the users we didn't know about were people who would prefer to shower at night, but didn't because of their terrible bed head every morning. They started showering at night when they got Morninghead.

We essentially created thousands of night "shower-ers."

It makes sense actually. In most cultures showering at night is the norm (Asia, South America, Europe). The reasoning behind this is simple and explains why it is ingrained in many cultures:

  • When you work hard all day you are dirty when you come home.
  • If you get in bed when you're dirty, your sheets will get dirty fast.

Which means you have to clean your sheets more often and that can kill your water bill when you're dealing with millions of people. It makes sense to shower at night. Climb in bed when you're at your cleanest. From our surveys, we know there are millions of Americans who are showering each morning simply because of their bed head. 

Let's change that.