Want to join Morninghead?

We're looking for motivated online rockstars to take a primary role in Morninghead. We're not looking for an investment anymore. We're looking for the right person to come onboard and help grow Morninghead using creative marketing. While I hate the term... we're looking for one or two "Growth Hackers" to help grow Morninghead. We're talking about equity, royalties, and/or commission. Are you awesome at FB ads? Can you ninja social media? Is reddit your jam? What are you good at and where would you go with it? I want to hear from you.


Reach out if you know you could knock this out of the park. Please send in your resume and explain why I should partner with you.

Hit me here:


Max Valverde
Founder, Morninghead



No time to shower in the morning?


After Shark Tank, we surveyed our users and learned a lot about the thousands who use Morninghead. We knew about people who showered at night (about 1/3 of Americans), parents with young children, bike commuters with helmet hair, etc. But the users we didn't know about were people who would prefer to shower at night, but didn't because of their terrible bed head every morning. They started showering at night when they got Morninghead.

We essentially created thousands of night "shower-ers."

It makes sense actually. In most cultures showering at night is the norm (Asia, South America, Europe). The reasoning behind this is simple and explains why it is ingrained in many cultures:

  • When you work hard all day you are dirty when you come home.
  • If you get in bed when you're dirty, your sheets will get dirty fast.

Which means you have to clean your sheets more often and that can kill your water bill when you're dealing with millions of people. It makes sense to shower at night. Climb in bed when you're at your cleanest. From our surveys, we know there are millions of Americans who are showering each morning simply because of their bed head. 

Let's change that.



Shark Tank Aftermath

Thanks everyone for the outpouring of support! It really was an amazing experience and was actually very enjoyable to be in the tank with the Sharks. Morninghead is pushing forward on this wave after trending on twitter last night and approaching 100,000 website visitors in the last 24 hours. I'll leave you with the quote of the night about Morninghead:

"I get it, I love it, It's hysterical."
                          - Mark Cuban



Tomorrow I Swim.

In just over 24 hours i take the plunge and swim with the Sharks. Morninghead had always just been a side project... second fiddle... a dream. That changed two weeks ago today when I left an amazing job with an amazing company to give MH the attention it deserves. Some thought I was crazy, most knew it was time. Morninghead has always been a real product that works really well. But now it's a real company. 

Tomorrow we meet America. If you're reading this, you may have just watched Shark Tank and came here to learn more about us. Well in that case; it's nice to finally meet you. I've thought about your visit every day for the last 6 months since I filmed in the Tank. Have a look around, get comfortable, and if you like what you see, It'd be my pleasure to give you Morninghead.



First post, Shark Tank's in 8 days, let's do this.

Shark tank is in 8 days and we are ramping up like no other. While I can't reveal anything about the outcome of the show, at the end of the day (regardless of what happens) we're talking about over 7 million viewers here. 7 million people, many of whom have never heard of us. And we need to be ready.

We're ramping up to handle 10,000 orders in the first 24 hours after the show airs. I think it's a solid estimate, but I hope it's a gross underestimation. I would love for nothing more than to be stressing balls for 48 hours as we scramble to build the inventory to fulfill the crippling amount of orders. The fact is that over 30% of Americans showered last night. This morning, 100 million Americans either wet their hair in the sink or took a second shower - just to fix their hair. I won't stand for it. Neither should you. It'll be hard work to make Morninghead a household name. We'll have to be willing to get dirty and fight on our hand and knees against the naysayers, but together, on our knees... we can give the world Morninghead.