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How long do they last?

The life of your Morninghead cap will depend on usage and care. Many people can use their cap for well over 6 months. Some are still using the same cap from our Kickstarter launch in February of 2012. Our power users (aka "night shower-ers"), who use Morninghead daily need a new cap about every 3 months. Think of it as a replaceable toiletry item like a toothbrush. It eventually wears out over time depending on how often you use it. Just make sure to turn it inside out and wring it out completely after each use.

How is this different from a towel or washcloth?

It's different because of its absorbency and the durable waterproof exterior. The Morninghead cap holds over 6x its weight in water without dripping. Once the cap has been wet and is on your head, the water is transferred from the cap into your hair when you apply pressure to the cap. In addition, your hands and wrists remain dry so you can use Morninghead anywhere even while fully clothed (ex. while parked in your car as you pull into work).

Why not just use a spray bottle?

If a spray bottle is already solving this problem for you then rock and roll - keep using it. In our testing, we found that a spray bottle gets water only on the surface of one's hair and a large amount of the water simply drips off, onto the neck, back, and face (as opposed to being absorbed into the hair). For most people the spray bottle is more of a hassle than helpful. Our least favorite part about the hair dresser is the spray bottle mist on our face and neck. 

Can't I just wet my hair under the sink?

I developed Morninghead because wetting my hair in the sink every morning was the worst part of my day. Morninghead is not the only way to wet your hair, but it is by far the easiest, fastest, most effective method. You don't have to use a microwave to heat up food - but you do, because it's fast and convenient.


Is it reusable?

Definitely! Make sure you turn it inside out and wring it out completely after each use. 


Is it washable?

Yes, hand wash with anti-bacterial soap, or machine wash on delicates. Most importantly, turn it inside out and wring it out after washing. Frequency of washing will depend on how often you use it. You'll get a feel for when it needs to be washed after you've used it for a while.

Can women use this?

Yes, a large percentage of our users are women with shorter hair. You will have the most success if your hair is "a bob or shorter." If you hair is longer than a bob, then Morninghead may not work for you but you're welcome to try it.

I have long hair, can I use it?

A Morninghead cap is most effective when hair length is less than shoulder length. Any longer and Morninghead may not work for you. Some users with long hair use Morninghead, but report needing to add water to the cap a second time.


Can I buy wholesale?

Yes, email us at with your request.

If you have any other questions, please contact us